Finding a Niche Market

findTo find an appropriate niche market you must first know what it is. A niche market is a very specific, relatively small market that can be very profitable if targeted correctly.

To pinpoint a niche market you need to narrow down a broader industry to a specific service or product. A good example of this would be someone offering writing services. Writing services is a very broad term, but you can narrow it down to technical writer, then to manual writer, then to vacuum manual writer and so on. It’s not likely that many people advertise themselves as vacuum manual writers so the people that do will get a large share of that market.

Niche marketing is important because it allows you to focus on and promote the most profitable product or service you offer to a select clientele. It will also make these clients aware of the other products and services your business offers.

Niche marketing also assists in competitive analysis by helping you determine whether your prices on specific products or services are right for the market or not. Sometimes you can sell things at higher prices than companies that don’t specialize in your niche because they can’t offer the same selection or specialized service.

If you’re just starting a business without a specific product or service in mind then it’s certainly worth researching specific markets that have not been oversaturated with products and services already. Look for something that people need or are interested in, but is not readily available. Reading through threads on online forums is one way to tap into what people are looking for from internet businesses.

If you already own a business, the best way to find your niche market is to keep note of what customers have been asking for but you don’t offer specifically. Your customers are using your products and services all the time so they can provide you with some great, new and improved ideas. Sometimes it’s just a matter of placing more emphasis on something you already offer.

Finding a niche market for your product or service can make a huge difference in how successful your business is. One of the greatest things about internet businesses is that you have an international customer base to work with. With a little research you shouldn’t have a problem finding something in demand that you can offer.

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