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itf156015There are so many benefits to working from home, but one of the best ones is that you don’t actually have to work from home. You can work from anywhere!

Running an online business gives you the freedom to take it with you instead of you going to it. You no longer have to wait for your measly week or two of vacation per year to squeeze in other parts of the world; you can LIVE in other parts of the world and still make the same income.

So many people put off travelling until retirement when they have more time, but let’s face it; backpacking Europe, hiking through the Andes and learning to surf the Australian coast doesn’t come quite as easy when you’re in your seventies.

While running a successful online business from the road is definitely possible, it’s a little different than working from home and takes a bit more planning. There are a few things to consider before takeoff.

If your business requires you to spend a lot of time online you’ll probably want to take your laptop along with you and make sure wherever you’re headed offers a wireless internet connection. This shouldn’t be difficult to find in most places nowadays.

If you only need to spend short amounts of time on the net then it might be more feasible for you to leave the laptop behind and visit internet cafes along your way. You’ll need to have a web based email account so you can check your email from wherever you are.

Another communication idea is using a smart phone for both online access and business calls. Many companies offer international plans that lessen the cost of roaming while away from home.

Luckily the internet has made the process of sending and receiving payments much simpler through systems like PayPal that allow you to choose your currency and have payments deposited directly to your bank account or credit card. This is something that can easily be set up before travelling

One other thing you’ll want to keep in mind is the time zone you’re switching to. If you need to do business at certain times of the day in your home country, you may be working odd hours in your new one.

These are all very simple ways to bring your dream of travelling while doing work you love to life.

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