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lancespics001Hi my name is Lance Blackburn and I am the creator and author of The reason why I started this Blog  is because I used to be working in Sales/Sales management for 16+ yrs in corporate America until I was sick and tired. I didn’t like working for someone else and I had always had that entrepreneur’s mind. My company always did things backwards and was always reactive in nature to the customer. And that’s why I started my own internet business online. And Why I created this blog is because I want to meet, network, and give back to other newbie entrepreneurs who are in the same situation just like I was… and hopefully my story can inspire you to discover a better alternative just like I did when I started working from home, being my own boss, and making money online. But before I get into all that … let me tell you a little bit more about myself….

I love life!! I grew up in the Dallas, TX area and spent 33 yrs of my life there until 5 yrs ago, picked up and moved to South TX (New Braunfels, TX) and got married and started a family. I have worked in Sales/Sales Management for 15+ yrs. mostly in the Medical/Dental industries. I love anything competitive, mostly playing sports and staying active like working out, wakeboarding, skiing etc… I appreciate life a lot more than I used to and have a beautiful wife, Heather and two amazing children Landry (4) and Rilyn (9 mos.) I enjoy my family, vacations and friends and tend to put emphasis on them as well as GOD. I am college educated and received my degree in late 1992, after a few classes in deciding that a masters degree was not for me, I entered the professional world.

For as long as I remember after college, I went to work as in the outside sales arena. I must tell you (well you know) that it is a “tough” life. I lived it for almost 16 yrs. Let me paint you my picture. My life in the world of sales for many yrs was like this: I would get up early morning, very early to the most annoying alarm clock in the world. Then I would shower and put on the “monkey suit.” I can’t help but laugh every time I had to retie my tie usually 3-4 times because I was sooooo…..tired in the morning. Then I would have my plan in place hop in my car and get on the “draining” Regional Sales Conference call with my boss and the other regions sales reps. First, we would listen to the boss give us all the company’s false promises for the month then it was our turn to “toot our horn.”  It was an exercise that consisted of me telling EVERYBODY on the call what I did last week and who I was going to close this week. I would do my part for 5-7 minutes and then listen to the “other” 8 sales reps lie for the next hour to justify my bosses’ job for having the call in the first place. We ALL hated it and it was an absolute waste of everybody’s time. Even the boss knew it!! By the time I hung up I would be sitting in wall to wall traffic for the next hour to get to my first appointment. That’s if I was in town that week.

Or if I was traveling……………

I would be sitting at the airport after driving around for 20 minutes to find a parking place, being “felt up” by a security guard and “screamed” at by the lady taking my luggage at XYZ airlines. Only to have to wait for my flight another hour and it was late due to weather delays. Then after boarding that giant “Q-tip” having the pleasure to sit next to that over talkative, smelly person on a 2-3 hour flight in which I got little accomplished because the flight attendant asked me if I wanted anything 8 times.

Well, I made it out to my first appointment of the day and I was ready. Believe it or not I was happy and well prepared ready to make some money. Then reality hit again and the customer/prospect cancelled the meeting with me. There was “no call” because they were “overbooked” that day or he/she was just not prepared or enter any other lame excuse as to why that they couldn’t see me that day. Never mind that I got up extra early, prepared a special presentation for them and fought like a “pitbull” to get to the appointment early.

Your customers don’t care or at least most of them don’t – they just wasted hrs of your time – something that you don’t get back by the way and put you off another day, week or month.

So on to the next call which turns out “great” and motivates me to “cold call” for the rest of the day. After I was “verbally abused” I get to go home and enjoy my night. But before that can happen, I would sit in traffic in my hometown or another major city that I was not familiar with for an hour. And then go home to either a lonely hotel room if I was traveling or luckily my family if I wasn’t traveling. I did this day after day, week after week, year after year.

Now if you are not in sales but currently work a JOB and commute to work locally then you face the same issues that I faced in my career and/or had meeting after meeting or presentation after presentation etc….We are all in the same boat…..just think about your life for a moment…..My experience and your experiences are very similar if you work for a living or run a business. And just think about it…….. I didn’t have to deal with going into an office everyday… and those dreaded “Office Politics.” You know the ones with the “he said, she said.” I’m going to “run over you to get to the top” stuff…. Ok back to my story!!

Don’t get me wrong – I loved and I mean loved my sales jobs!!! I didn’t get upset and took it all with a “grain of salt” until one day we were told to be on another conference call with the VP of Sales at 4 pm for an important announcement in late December. The VP/Sales gets on the call and states that, “the company made some forecasting sales mistakes and that they were 1.5 MM dollars short for the yr and it needed to be made up somewhere.” Well, that somewhere was in the employee’s year end sales Bonus checks. I worked all year long to get this bonus and was due about $30,000 from the company. What did I get??? Nothing, Zero, 0 Zip,- yes is a 0!! That is when it all changed for Lance. I had worked way to long to get other people rich. I was trading my precious time for money. That is when I actually “realized” that TIME truly is our most prized commodity!!

Now I was a very good sales rep!! I mean excellent sales rep. I worked hard and paid my dues and moved up and got promoted to a sales manager and made good money but…….everything changed that December. My eyes were opened, I had worked HARD I mean real Hard for that money, that money was mine, some of that money was spent and in the blink of an eye – that money never existed!!

Fast forward another year – more sales day after day, week after week, month after month – the grind. I was starting off another fresh sales year and then I got “The call.” Yeah some of you know that call – when it feels like that there is a dried apple in your throat. I knew what was about to happen – my manager was on the other end of the line and said, “Lance, the company has decided to redirect there assets in the sales arena and we are going to have to let you go!!” It was Monday at 9:22am and our economy had been heading from bad to worse to today where it is down right “ugly” and looks to stay that way for the next 2-3 yrs. Oh and by the way, my boss told me that it was not me and my performance, I was the top rep in my division out of 30 nationwide and that they would rehire me when things got back to normal. I asked him how that they would sell products without their “top” sales reps and he didn’t have an answer for me. His hands were tied by the “out of touch with the customer” upper management. I don’t blame him or the company because I know that there was a better opportunity for me ahead. Really, to be honest, most of the people in corporate America are at their company’s mercy. I certainly was for almost 16 years.

But better things were in front of me; I was smart, successful and could sell right? Right!! I stumbled upon a MLM company just 2 days after I was laid off. I was ready to “tackle” the world with my new found freedom. I was on CLOUD 11 Billion. I was Free!! This was it, the opportunity that I had dreamed about. It included the “whole enchilada” being an entrepreneur, being my own boss, life was new, refreshed. It felt like somebody had pushed the “reset” button on my life.

So, I trained, poured my heart, soul and money into this “New Business”. Remember, I had a sales background so I would give group presentations, home presentations, one on one presentations. And I can give a heck of a presentation!! I had almost 16 years of training doing it!! But really in today’s MLM (multi-level marketing) the company that you represent has great pre-done presentations by the company’s Top earners, so all you have to do is close the prospect!! Which for me wasn’t hard but for most people especially those who are not in sales in their previous career is very difficult.

First, let me tell you that the MLM Company that I joined was the best in the business -really – they had a very unique program and they represented Fortune 50 companies that “everybody” had heard of and the company was “debt free” and was never going to be sold to the “stockholders on Wall St.” That is usually the death of MLM companies if they make it out of their 2nd year in existence. I was lucky; this was and still is a great company and a wonderful opportunity and their compensation plan was off the charts.

My up line was very nice, good, hard working people; the immediate generations above me were a young couple in there mid-late 20’s. They had been in the business 17-18 mos. and were making 10-12K per month by signing up about 2000 people under them in that time span. They believed in working about 12-14 hrs./day in driving about 100 miles / day to sign up prospects interested in the business.

The next generation above them was a couple in their early 50’s that were MLM lifers. They had spent about 15 yrs in the business but the last 4 yrs with this particular company. They had about 11,000 people in their down line although only 23 were “real” producers and made around $20,000/month. Again, they worked the business “hard” about 8 hrs / day and 6 days / week. And their sales philosophy was to let the down line work for them and bring them “superstars” that they would then mold and train and they would get paid to train. Great model, great money but it would take years to make “Big” money and you would have to work 80 hrs/week!!! This was a JOB again but there had to be an easier way. Right??? Something just didn’t seem right!!

Don’t get me wrong – I believe in hard work to build a business – really it is the only way to do it. But……something just wasn’t right but I couldn’t figure it out.

Now I was a “smart” guy and started to work my “warm” market and use my “leverage” right?? That’s Right; I started and got after it. I signed up 4-5 people within the first week. I went to all the meetings, I trained my people and I motivated them. I did EVERYTHING that my up line taught me to do. I was told that I had an advantage, I was recognized as a leader, I had previous sales experience and I was motivated to make it happen!!

But……..I was frustrated, I had spoke to over 75 people in 3 weeks. I was tried but I wasn’t going to give up. So, I went to my up line, the ones who made “the money” and asked them one key question: “What do you do to Market your business??? What marketing techniques do you use??”

Their answer was: “I just go around to people and speak to them one on one or do a group presentation to 20 or so. Just keep doing it and it will come.” I had my answer. So, I asked them some more questions about marketing and remember these were the people that were making money, so they had money to put back into marketing. And the answer was the same. “Lance, we don’t use money to market our business, we do it our selves.” I also heard, “Lance, just continue to go talk to people and make presentations to people and invite them to the local meeting.”

Well, that was all good and dandy for them but not for me. I was starting to ask around and compare my self to the others. And let’s just say that I was holding more appointments than about 98% of them. I had more time than most and more desire than most but I was NOT very successful. I was driving a lot; I was using a ton of energy to give a presentation to one or ten. I was exhausted!!

I had that feeling that I was struggling way too hard to make it in network marketing and nothing was happening. I was pouring my mind, heart and soul in to this business.

Have you ever thought to yourself: There’s got to be a better way to do this? Something’s missing – it can’t be this hard???

I sure did. After religiously going to meetings, setting up appointments and showing the plan, I came to a point in my business where I hit a massive brick wall.

For all my hard work, I had nothing to show for it but some debt, a dwindling list of friends who actually still talked to me, and a broken mindset.

Maybe you can relate. The worst part of it all was, for the life of me – I could not figure out why this wasn’t working!! I was doing everything that I was told to do!! In fact, I did way more than most did. Most drop out of this type of business in the first few weeks after talking to 10-20 people. I was the kind of independent rep that you would kill for.

But I wasn’t any closer to that dream of financial freedom than I was when I started.

See there is a horrible mess of hype, hot air, misconceptions, falsehoods, delusions, myths and downright lies that get passed along from one sponsor to the next in the network marketing world.

This is what happens when you take a bunch of people who don’t have a clue about sales and marketing and have them tell a bunch of other people who don’t have a clue about sale or marketing, to go make a bunch of money doing it.

The few techniques that actually do have some grounding in basic sales philosophy are all outdated and completely ineffective. They might work okay for you – if the year was 1982 – but in today’s modern society, these kinds of Neanderthal tactics will get you slaughtered.

I was thinking; “Network marketing doesn’t have to be this hard!!”

Using the wrong techniques – as I was taught and 97% of network marketers are taught today – is like trying to force a square peg into a round hole – makes it hard.

So my purpose in writing this is to help you – “discover how to succeed and deprogram” some of the nonsense and misconceptions that pollute our corporate business world and network marketing industry today.

So whether you are in the “corporate world’ today looking for a way out (a real business opportunity) like I was or you are a “frustrated” network marketer or entrepreneur like I was, ALL of that changed when I discovered a company that connected ALL the dots for me from A to Z.

When I discovered that there is a way to do this business the right way, to build a “real” business from the ground up with “hard work.” And with a “Real” Marketing plan. Yes, that is right a Marketing plan. You see marketing is “King” in our world!!! No business can succeed in ANY industry without a “great” marketing plan. And I searched, searched and searched for a company that taught me how to market. Why?? Because my “gut” told me that I needed a “Marketing” Plan.

Maybe it was that I went to college and got a Marketing degree but the common reason that 80% of small business’ fail in the first few years is because they fail to market at all or don’t market their business enough.

What I have found in this company is a SYSTEM that teaches you how to market your business the right way. And (listen closely here) they teach you HOW to do it click by click, step by step!!

Back to my story – I found this system one day because I knew that there was a better way than to “chase” down my friends and family within network marketing. You see your friends and family (warm market) didn’t ask for you to present them with a business opportunity. They really don’t care about your business opportunity; they are focused on making money at their job!!

“Don’t you want people to hunt YOU not you hunting them?”

Is it better to have people beating down your door for your products and services than you killing yourself and wasting your time to do a presentation to prospects that have no need for your products or services??

I DO!!

See my whole business and life has changed since I discovered how to market the correct way. This is a company that is about Creating 100 Millionaires by 2012 and that is a group that I want to be a part of.  An hour with the top producers within the company is priceless. They are living, real and normal people that understand marketing. They have built their own businesses based on Marketing to a target audience. Your friends and family are NOT a good target audience. Why you ask? Because your family loves you but most are not going to drop everything for this “crazy” idea that you have for them. One day these MLM Company’s and there up lines will learn this. Actually there is some of the top producers in a few MLM companies have learned this but very few. And the ones that have are earning a killing because of it.

See now things are different for me. I see things differently and you can too. There really is another alternative than just working for your boss at your JOB for the rest of your life or if you are involved with an MLM company and you have been chasing your warm market for weeks, months or years. Or maybe you’re buying expensive leads online that don’t work or whatever it is that you’re currently doing that isn’t working or working well.

I used to think that way too!! I spent 16 years in Corporate America and lived the lies then worked hard with one of the best MLM companies on the planet. But I was missing something. I was doing it all wrong because that is what I was told to do.

We can teach you if you’re willing to learn. The secret of every business on this planet is marketing!! Period! And if you learn this ONE skill and you will be able to apply it to EVERY Business in EVERY Industry in EVERY country in this world!! And you can do it over and over and over again with many different companies. You don’t have to be a business genius just a MARKETING FREAK!!!

Think about this for a minute. My grandmother used to tell me that she could prepare me the “greatest” tasting Cheeseburger in the world. And boy were they good. Texas sized, cheese was falling out the sides, juicy, mouth watering. Ummmmm……..

Problem is that McDonald’s would outsell her every year by billions and their cheeseburger was average at best. Why???

Because my grandmother was a terrible marketer!! She didn’t tell everyone about her cheeseburgers even though they were BETTER!!

So, you see it pays to be a good marketer!! And pays WELL!!

So that’s why I created this Blog. This really changed my life and I would love to network and work with like minded people to really get the word out. So I encourage you to check out my site @ or leave me a message here or email me at

Again, you have a choice here to change your life and hopefully I can help you be as successful as you want to be. But in order to get this going you have to contact me here or at or email me at

I hope to talk with you soon!!

Thank you for letting me share my story with you!!


Lance Blackburn

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